SITRAIN Certificaat Siemens PLC programmeren Step 7 en SCL



Target Group

Through this course, designers, programmers and start-up engineers learn about the smaller details of programming in STEP 7 and SCL.


You are familiar with the structure and program structure of SIMATIC S7 systems. You will also be able to structure, document and commission more complex programs.

The topics in this course are:

  • configurable functions, function building blocks and multi-instance function building blocks
  • use organizational building blocks for alarm and error handling
  • special organization building blocks combined with hardware configuration
  • the use of the libraries within STEP7
  • mathematical instructions and ACCU operations
  • complex data types
  • indirect addressing possibilities
  • complex instructions
  • Special programming techniques, STL and SCL source file
  • SCL editor
  • program structures