• Cognex ProductenInspect every product
  • Manages every automation.
  • Identify each component

    Cognex Machine Vision does it all.


In many industries such as: Automotive, Electronics, Consumer, Food & beverage, pharmaceutical, solar energy, logistics and surface treatment, Cognex Vision optimizes quality while reducing costs for companies all over the world, companies like yours.

Every day, in tens of thousands of applications all over the world, billions of products are inspected with Cognex vision.

  • From quality control to track and trace systems.
  • From assembly inspection to robot management.

With Cognex you inspect 100% of your goods to assure you that they are 100% up to your standards. Faultless and precise according to your exact specifications till the smallest details.

Your production waste will be reduced to the minimum by detecting processing errors early in the production, before ten or hundreds of products already broke.

Building automation systems like robots are managed until micrometre accuracy. Materials are automatically perfectly aligned and the parts will go through the entire production process as required.

As part traceability is important to you, Cognex is your right partner.

The vision-based ID readers can basically everything on every surface. Barcodes, 1D, 2D, Printed text, even if they are poorly shaped or damaged. All without human interaction.

Without Cognex many parts could not be made.

We can give many examples, but you could also take a look on the Cognex web site for a possible solution for your application. You can also have a look on our Cognex page.