Cognex for every industry


Cognex is the world's leading manufacturer of Vision Sensors, software, systems and cameras.

Machine Vision or Cognex Vision helps companies reduce costs by improving product quality and to detect and eliminate production errors. This will result in customers being amazed by your product for a very competitive price and very high quality.

Cognex delivers Machine vision systems, barcode scanners and vision sensors all over the world. The systems have been used in industrial applications in all kinds of industries for over 500,000 times worldwide.

With camera systems you are able to perform tasks which are impossible to perform by humans. Take for example the checking of printed circuit boards which pass you by with 1000 pieces per minute. For a human, this is an impossible task but the camera could perform control functions up to 10,000 units per minute.

Dataman 300 scans metal parts with poor contrast without a hassle.

Dataman 300 scant metaal onderdeel met slecht contrast probleemloos

Cognex products are image based which is a great advantage with respect to line cameras, scanners and / or laser sensors (barcode scanners) for example, not any product needs to be neatly positioned next to another in front of the camera. Products can best out of position and under various different angles. Which often is the case with, for example, barcodes.

The camera systems and sensors industrially come in IP 67 aluminium or plastic housings and possibly even in stainless steel. They are extremely fast, up to 10,000 products per minute, and contain no moving parts. With its own RGB light source and onboard I/O.

Communication: There is not shortage at Cognex. Each sensor or camera features an Ethernet port and has loads of protocols: Mitsubishi electric, EtherNet / IP, PROFINET, MODBUS / TCP, CC-Link, DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus, ActiveX , Microsoft.Net, OPC, Ethernet Powerlink.

Ready made drivers for almost every robot ensure an optimal communication with minimal programming time as well as minimal downtime in production. ABB, Denso, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Kuka, Motoman and Staubli drivers are already ready and communication with Mitsubishi, Adept, Epson and many other manufacturers are also supported.


Are you looking for a suitable vision solution for your application and/or programmer who should program your application? Please contact Eyemation. Jouke Wijdoogen is an experienced programmer and engineer who can deliver the right vision application and any necessary automation solution.