2018 / 2019









Hourly rates and conditions Eyemation


































Gross rates




















Engineering hours




€ 80,-





Work preparation and commercial service


€ 80,-





Installation / repair work
(by service engineer)


€ 50,00





Software engineering (programming)


€ 80,-






Travel expenses per KM incl hours (car within NL) 

€ 0,65














► For all these rates, one whole unit will be deducted as a minimum.























For work abroad, we will charge 1 rate. 















Hours comprising all activities within EU


€ 90,-




Hours comprising all activities outside EU


€ 100,-













Abroad, we charge no extra fees: Overtime and hours outside regular working hours. 



travel expenses









The hourly rate is also charged from departure from Eyemation to its destination and the return to Eyemation.


 The travel expenses are also charged in case of flight / boat / train tickets, taxi, car rental, etc.



Use of own car for traveling to neighbouring countries. 

€ 0,20 /km





Accommodation expenses









Accommodation expenses will be discussed with you, this includes:





The venue. (Hotel, apartment, bungalow, etc.) 






3 meals per day incl. drinks.







Possible use of medication for example. Malaria tablets.















Fees special hours








There are fees charged for the hours which not covered by the standard gross hourly rate.


In case of special hours (e.g. because of workload) that are made on initiative of Eyemation, fees will not be calculated.




















9+  hours (8 hours of labour, 1 hour break)






Hours outside regular working hours (18:00-6:00 and Sa/ Sunday) 





Public Holidays








Kings Day, Christmas, New years


























► If several fees apply only the highest will be charged.