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Eyemation has a very broad knowledge and experience in the field of industrial automation and is up to date on the latest standards, guidelines and techniques. In addition to the existing theoretical knowledge, Eyemation also has a lot of practical knowledge which it gained in the industry by themselves by working with installations and materials as an end user.

Work Preparation & Engineering electrical design

In an informal consult, we will map out your needs and optimize it when necessary. Some tests could follow to find the most suitable materials for your application. After that, a calculation of costs will be offered on an invoice, followed by a meeting to clarify anything necessary, and we discuss if more or less work is needed so everything is exactly according to your wishes and we can fully integrate the automation into your production. So that on completion, you as an end user and we as a supplier can look back on the work and the final result feeling completely satisfied. Eyemation designs the necessary electrical schemes in EPLAN and programs the required PLC and Vision software in the original matching programming packages associated with the PLCs and vision sensors and systems.


Eyemation programs a variety of automation products. Mainly PLCs, machine vision cameras and drives, but we continue to be stimulated by occasionally providing an alternative product with optimal software. Jouke Wijdoogen has followed several trainings and obtained various certificates for programming the PLC and he’s also a Siemens programmer who programs the Siemens PLC, HMI and drive products with the latest TIA Portal versions. In addition to Siemens, we also supply the PLC range of Unitronics. For this, we use the U90 ladder, the Visilogic and Unilogic Software.

In addition to the PLC Products, Eyemation can equip your Cognex machine vision sensors, cameras and barcode scanners with parameters and / or software. For this, we use Sensor view, in-sight Explorer and Vision Pro.


Installation / repair

As a PLC and Vision system integrator, you should know that Eyemation will install the automation at your place. However, besides this work, Eyemation is also available for your overall electrical automation tasks. This includes the installation of cables, placing or moving of sensors and encoders, replacing worn out magnetic switches, engine replacement, etc. The advantage of this is that the information regarding your installation is not distributed over several external companies. And that therefore in the event of a failure or integration you only need to contact Eyemation.


Eyemation is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year on the mobile number of Jouke Wijdoogen: 0031 6-51703105 to assist you with your problems or to solve your problems. Not just for any malfunctions that arise from systems supplied by us. But also for your existing automation failures and problems.
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